Quick Update

Earlier this evening, as I was sitting on my bed looking over some papers, my Mom called my name. I jumped up and went out to the living room to see what she needed. “The last time you updated your blog was a YEAR ago?!?!?” She had called me because she was wondering if I’d like her to put a link to my blog in a new post that she was writing for Hasten Home. I said “sure” about the link, but I honestly hadn’t realized it’d been THAT LONG since I last posted an update on here!


So real quick in 2013 (my last update was posted in January)…

January, February and most of March were spent fundraising for Mission Experience. That was a very faith-trying experience, in and of itself, which makes for some awesome stories I’ll have to write about later…

The end of March-the end of April were spent in the Philippines on Mission Experience (which will soon have at least one blog post dedicated to telling the amazing experiences involved…)

June…What did I do in June? 🙂

July: I was once again blessed by the awesome opportunity to attend YD camp! Maybe I’ll write a separate post about that, too…

August: Well, it’s August now and I’m currently trying to update my poor, dear blog friends… 😉 Really, I’m praying and seeking, trying to discover God’s will for my life. Seems college is not currently in the plans, as much as I’ve wanted it to be for the last couple years. I have an idea about what He might want me to do now so I’m moving forward with that. We’ll see, and I’ll let you know if anything works out. “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart…And He shall direct your paths.” (Proverbs 3:5,6)


Well, I guess I should sign off for now and get some sleep…I’ll be sure and write some interesting posts soon! (Now I’ve said it and I absolutely HAVE to… :/ )


Until next time,