Mission Experience–Training

The very next day, after we arrived in Brooke’s Point, we began a week of training in preparation for two weeks of evangelistic meetings. I am amazed as I look back and see how God was working in my life, personally, and also through our team in the lives of the local people.

I mentioned in my post: Mission Experience—The Pre-Trip Stories, that I was very afraid of going on a mission trip. I was afraid of travelling and being so far from home, but most of all I was afraid to get out of my comfort zone and speak. I am typically a very shy person and just to introduce myself to someone who first introduced themselves to me is beyond my comfort zone! I knew when I applied to go on the trip that I would either be in the Public Evangelism (PE) team or the Child Evangelism (CE) team. Both teams included both public speaking and—as I would soon find out—our whole team would be given lots of opportunities to personally invite people to attend the meetings.

The parts of our day which were actually considered classes were first Group Training and then Child Evangelism for me and the rest of the CE team and Public Evangelism for that team. In Group Training we learned some basic things about speaking effectively and properly along with some Filipino culture. In CE, we learned about how to speak enthusiastically so as to keep the interest of the children, practiced reading our scripts of the stories for the different evenings we were assigned to and did a lot of preparation of craft supplies and such. But, while these classes did fill most of our days, we also had some time to do other things…Things that scared me terribly, but also gave me an opportunity to see God truly working drastic changes in me.

Each afternoon we had personal time and quiet time. During personal time we could practice instruments, for those who brought them; we could take care of laundry; we could just relax, chat or whatever else. I usually spent that time either sleeping or cutting crafts out for CE.

One day, Mr. Ted told us that he was going to take all the girls to the market if we wanted to go. It was not very far away and we walked there during personal time and wandered around for quite a while. I had a nice time just looking at everything.

A picture Mr. Ted took for me while we were walking Sabbath afternoon...We called him the "camera tree" because he was holding most of our cameras to take a group picture for us. :)

A picture Mr. Ted took for me while we were walking Sabbath afternoon…We called him the “camera tree” because he was holding most of our cameras to take a group picture for us. 🙂

As it was nearly time to go, Mr. Ted told us all that none of us could leave until everyone had invited at least one person to the meetings. I foolishly tried to get away without inviting anyone, but Mr. Ted had apparently already noticed a few days earlier (on a Sabbath afternoon walk with most of our team) that I was not one to just go up to people and start talking—I had not invited anyone Sabbath afternoon until Mrs. Evert told me to walk with her and she started the talking…Not to mention the fact that I made a terrible mess of that invitation. So…Mr. Ted asked me directly if I had invited anyone.

I shook my head “no” and he said that I absolutely had to. Ugh…I was so nervous! Seeing that I was practically frozen to the ground in 100 degree weather, he looked around for someone to invite and then said “Come on, Samantha” and headed toward her. He introduced himself to her, told her a bit about our group and then introduced me and said “Maybe you’d like to tell her about the meetings we’ll be having.” I think I managed to make a bit more sense of that invitation than the one with Mrs. Evert, but still…Mr. Ted had to fill in a lot of details (such as what time) just because my mind was so jumbled I couldn’t even think.

Also on Sabbath afternoon: a few people from our team got to go to a local AY (Adventist Youth) program while the rest of us stayed back at the lodge. I was very relieved to not have been chosen to go to AY! For those who don’t know: AY is pretty much a Sabbath afternoon get together for local SDA youth to sing, share testimonies and just hang out with a spiritual focus. Little did I know, shortly after we got back to the lodge from church, it was announced that those of us there were going to have our own AY program!

Long story short, I was one of those selected to share a promotional: a short testimony, thought about a Bible verse, or a mission story. Once again, my mind froze. A few friends and I were each supposed to choose one of the above options and come up with something to share with the group within about 5 or 10 minutes.

I couldn’t think for anything—even once it was suggested to me that I share how I ended up on Mission Experience. And I still couldn’t think even when Mr. Ted practically told me my own story. Finally he mentioned a quote which his father, Mr. Evert, had shared with me while I was fundraising and that struck a chord in my memory. I quickly scribbled down a few thoughts and then our time was up.

As we were walking back to the meeting area to share our promotionals, I said: “I’m going to have a heart attack!” To which Mr. Ted replied: “That’s ok, I know CPR…” I think that comment served its purpose and I relaxed a little bit…I was still majorly nervous but I didn’t have a heart attack… 😉

As I kept having these experiences where I was terrified and couldn’t even think, I learned how to wholly rely on God. I can assure you: my brain surely didn’t do me much good! But God is faithful! I know this post is getting long, but I just want to share one more story…These actually happened during the weeks of the meetings, but they go along with this subject.

A couple days after the meetings started it was my turn to go visiting in the local community. There were some of the local church members who came to walk around with us and we usually had at least one other from the ME team with us, as well.

I was quite nervous that first time I went out. I had not been away from the lodge, yet, without Mr. Ted and this was a new experience. As we were walking, one of the local girls, Jessa, told me that I was going to be the one doing the talking at the next house. My first thought was “NO WAY!” But she insisted, as did the others.

I opened my Bible to find a verse that I could share at the next house and, as I flipped through, I came upon Isaiah 41:10: “Fear thou not, for I am with thee, be not dismayed for I am thy God. I will strengthen thee, yea, I will help thee, yea I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.” Jessa asked to see which verse I had chosen and so I handed her my Bible.

She read it through and then said: “That’s your verse!” I was confused as to the reason she said that and so she repeated: “That’s your verse, Samantha…Fear thou not!” Wow. Here God was giving me the exact promise that I needed for that moment and I had applied it in my mind to far-off circumstances.

I wonder how often we do that to God. How often do we take the promises that He shows us and say “Yeah, when such and such happens 20 years from now, I will remember that promise and it will give me the strength I need to go on.”? And then we go on saying that God has abandoned us in our current situation, when really we’re just storing up His blessings instead of using them…And God is there saying: “No! This is for here! This is for now! Claim it, count on it, use it! Twenty years from now, I’ll give it to you again!”

By the end of Mission Experience I was almost completely comfortable walking up to random people on the street and inviting them to the meetings—all details included. It was on the last day of visitations that I wasn’t nervous at all as I was talking to someone I’d never met. I was practically jumping up and down! Hallelujah!

Whatever God is calling you to do, don’t refuse because you are fearful or unsure. His grace is sufficient and it is in our weakness that He can supply us with His divine strength because then we realize our total need.

And I pray that as we read God’s promises, that we will apply them to our lives now. That we will see His grace in the simplest situations, that we will accept His love for today—no matter how small or unimportant this specific trial may seem.

Blessings, my friends, as you endeavor to climb out of your comfort zones for God!


Until next time, (When I get to share some more amazing stories—this time about our two-week series…)




Mission Experience–Journey to Brooke’s Point

So last time I shared a post entitled: Mission Experience–The Pre-Trip Stories. I shared about how I ended up applying to be a Mission Experience participant and how I struggled to trust in God through the fundraising experience. I vaguely mentioned that  God had provided in amazing ways and left it at that. Well, as I was washing dishes after writing that post, I was thinking about those “amazing ways” and decided to just share one short story with you.

I had received an email from YD that pretty much said that I needed to promptly apply for my Philippine visa…They had finally gotten our flight schedule worked out and we didn’t have a whole lot of time to spare. The only problem for me was that I didn’t have any money to spare. (Read: I didn’t have any money at all!) We were asked, if at all possible, to have our visas applied for by Friday.

That Sabbath I went to church still wondering how I was going to pay the $30 fee. I had learned that it did me absolutely no good to worry about it and that God would take care of it, but I still wondered “how?”. As always, God had an answer.

A friend came up to me just before the church service started and handed me a check–for $30. I was so excited! Isn’t God awesome?!


So now I get to tell you about our exciting journey to Brooke’s Point, Palawan! 🙂


Believe it or not, I got up on Sunday morning about 15 minutes before the time when I was supposed to leave for the airport…that was when my Mom finally decided that if she didn’t get me up–I’d be likely to miss my flight. :/ I jumped out of bed, dressed, made my bed, grabbed a bite (quite literally) to eat, threw my things in the car, and left the house headed for the airport.

We were running late (for obvious reasons), but as we were driving down the road I realized that I’d forgotten my water bottle at home. Thankfully that was the only thing I’d forgotten and we were able to quickly stop by a store and grab a new one.

At the Medford, OR airport, my Mom dropped me off and headed home. I was there alone with only my luggage as company. 🙂 Mom hadn’t been able to park anywhere that she could go in with me and so I was left to figure out how to check in. Kinda funny…as I think about it now I realize that somehow shyness doesn’t matter when you’re in a “great, big” airport and you have no idea what you’re doing!

I didn’t even consider trying to figure that place out on my own! 😉 I wasn’t sure how to check in so I asked a fellow passenger, who thankfully knew more than I did, and managed to get to my gate with time to spare. While waiting I was reading some worthless stories and God prompted my heart “Is this really what you want to share with those you meet during this trip?” The answer was “no” and so I turned my phone off and grabbed a book by Mrs. White to read.

I had been told to meet up with Helen, another ME participant, in Seattle, WA and then go and meet the rest of the team at the Alaska Airlines check-in counter. I safely arrived in Seattle and waited for about an hour before I decided I’d better just go find Mr. Ted–I still hadn’t seen Helen. So I walked all over the place trying to find the Alaska Airlines check-in, and I even had airport security starting to watch me closely. I finally asked someone and was told that I just needed to go up “those stairs”.

I went up the stairs and saw…nothing. Turning around, I saw that there was another set of stairs that I assumed I should climb. Once upstairs I saw about 5, yes FIVE, Alaska Airlines check-in counters!!! Oh, which one do I choose?!?

Those shirts were sure helpful when trying to keep track of each other!

Those shirts were sure helpful when trying to keep track of each other!

Soon I spotted some other people with red ME polos on and ran over to them. It was so good to not be alone anymore! We chatted for a while before we saw Mr. Ted and the other people who drove with him to the airport carrying things into the airport. Now I totally didn’t have to know anything…Mr. Ted already did! 🙂

We spread out the supplies, that needed to be brought, among all those traveling. We each had one YD box or bag and one personal bag to check in. Mr. Ted was able to contact Helen and soon she joined the rest of us. I’m pretty sure we flew from Seattle to San Francisco, CA, to Taipei, Thailand, to Manilla, Philippines, and then to Puerto Princesa, Philippines.

We had a lot of fun together, although I have to say: the trip home was even more fun! But you’ll just have to wait to find out why. 😉

All throughout the trip I was very nervous. You see, I’d only flown once before and had never been outside the United States. Security and customs were the most intimidating part, besides the constant fear that somehow I’d get lost or Mr. Ted would get separated from us. But through the experience I learned an important lesson.

Most of us know that in order to really live a victorious Christian life we must constantly keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, right? Now how do we make that practical? We can’t really see Him…

For just a moment let’s use my airport experience as a parable. I represent a Christian, striving to become more and more like Jesus. Mr. Ted represents Jesus.

Here’s how it’s practical…

To put it simply, I was nearly constantly thinking of Mr. Ted during the whole entire trip. Where was he? Would he be likely staying put? Or heading somewhere else? If he was going somewhere else, where would that be? What was he doing? Was there any way I could get closer to him? (Within reason, of course….) Will this activity I’m doing put me in a position where I might lose sight of him?

Do you get the point?

Friends, if we are to stay close to Jesus we must fill our every waking (and even sleeping) thoughts with Him! I didn’t exactly ask myself those questions, but I was constantly answering them. If our group was doing different things, and I had the choice, no matter which looked like more fun–I chose what he was doing. No matter how entertaining or fun the things of this world seem…We must choose to follow wherever Jesus leads. I would only go somewhere if I was absolutely sure that Mr. Ted would both approve and be there when I returned.

You see, I had no idea what I was doing in those airports that make MFR look tiny. But Mr. Ted knew exactly what he was doing (most of the time) because he had traveled through them before. Hasn’t Christ traveled this path of life before us? I assure you, He does know the way!

When we arrived at Sunset Lodge we were greeted by this awesome sign. :)

When we arrived at Sunset Lodge we were greeted by this awesome sign. 🙂


In Puerto, we met up with Mr. and Mrs. Evert and a few people who had flown from the East Coast and arrived in Puerto a day or two before the West Coast group. We stayed the night in Puerto, had breakfast at the mission there and left in a Jeepney for Brooke’s Point the next day.

Sunset Lodge, in Brooke’s Point, would be our home for the next month…which is a story for another day…

Until next time,


Mission Experience 2013

Wow! I haven’t written a post in nearly a month! Oh, all my dreams of keeping my blog regularly updated are harder to fulfil than I thought they’d be! I can assure you, though, that the lack of posts absolutely does not reflect a lack of excitement! The most exciting of which has to do with Young Disciple’s Mission Experience (ME).

It was Monday, a couple weeks ago, when the phone rang. I was the only one in the house at the moment, and therefore ran to answer it. I wasn’t sure my voice would work too well, but decided that I may as well try. You see, many of the YD campers got sick this year, and I was among those sick ones. Well, when I answered the phone it was one of the last people I’d expected to hear from…Namely, Ted Evert.

It was a slightly odd and awkward phone call. My voice didn’t even work enough to say my usual phone greeting, and I only barely managed to say a few words during the rest of the “conversation”. He told me it was alright-he understood, and many campers weren’t feeling well-and then verified who he was speaking to. When I first heard his voice I imediately thought “Mission Experience”, but I was quite nervous thinking it probably was to tell me that the few remaining spaces had already been filled. I actually was thinking that I’d be relieved if that’s what they had decided, but also quite disappointed.  Mr. Ted did finally tell me the purpose of his call, after I’d tried clearing my throat to speak, and seriously failed…The way I explain my response is this, “I answered the phone and my voice wouldn’t work, he told me his purpose for calling and my brain wouldn’t work!” 🙂 I am accepted! And very excited! All I managed to say was “awesome”…And after he told me the usual “if you need anything, or have any questions, we’ll be here” the one-sided phone call ended and I went to my room, fell on my knees, and asked God how it could possibly be true. Questions flooded my mind.

Is it really possible that I, Samantha, am going on a mission trip??

Aren’t there other youth out there who are better prepared??

Did I really realize what I was getting into when I said “I will go” ??

And beyond all that, how am I going to raise over $2000 towards ME expenses??????


I am now working on the fundraising part of this trip. Praying and asking God to provide.

Here’s the basic explanation of what Mission Experience 2013 is…A youth-led evangelistic series in the Philippines, reaching dear people for Christ.


We’ll be leaving the US on March 25 and returning on April 25, 2013. I would really appreciate your prayers, now as I’m (and many other youth are) fundraising, but most importantly while we are overseas. I’ve never been overseas before, and it sounds a bit scary.


I am going to need the help of all who are able. In order to reach my goal I will  need to raise a minimun (I’d love to raise more!) of $2, 200 towards the expenses of the trip. Half of that must have been reached by October 15. I have plans to do some Literature Evangelism here in my local town, soon, and by God’s grace that will be helpful in reaching my goal. It’s exciting to me: doing outreach twice! Selling books with precious gospel truths in them, to raise money to go and share the same truth with others!


If you would like to help financially, I would also really appreciate that. You can send your check directly to Young Disciple Ministries, (made out to: Young Disciple Ministries), PO Box 400, Inchelium, WA 99138. And please write my name, Samantha Edeliant, in the memo field so that they can keep track of how close I’m getting to my goal.


Let’s all do our part to hasten Christ’s second coming!


‘Till next time,


Literature Evangelism Experiences

I had SO much fun in LE (Literature Evangelism) class the first week of camp! On Monday Mr. Eugene Prewitt (our teacher) shared some tips and instructions on how to be a successful literature evangelist. He also gave us some time to go over our canvass and make sure we knew it.  We got to know each other a little bit and then were ready to go out the next day into the community.

On Tuesday I went out with my unit/tent counselor, Katie. She was one of the experienced canvassers so I was able to take a little time to get comfortable with the situation. 😉 After the first house she asked if I’d like to do the second and I told her “no”, so she did that house. As we walked to the third house she said “okay, Samantha you are doing this house!” I said “okay…I guess” Then when we got to the house I noticed that the owner was outside and for some reason that is intimidating to me…Katie did the talking at that house as well.  After that she insisted that I do the next house so I knocked on the door and nobody answered. Oh, the suspense! We finally left and after asking if she’d do the next house since I knocked on that door I ended up doing the next one…and nobody answered! I was getting a bit annoyed–nobody was answering their doors for me and I’m one of those people that is terrified of doing something new until I try it. Finally after 3 or 4 of those houses I at last got to talk to someone–and my mind went blank in the middle of my canvass. I was thankful that Katie took over!

We had some really neat (and some scary) experiences that day. We met a dear lady who bought some books and then told us that she knew Sylvia Evert (Mr. Tony’s wife) and that because we didn’t have a “Real Heroes” Bible story book that she’d just ask Mrs. Evert for it. 🙂  Then as we went along we met another lady who told us that she’d bought one of our cookbooks-More Choices-from one of the canvassers on the ferry last year. She wanted to see the other cookbook and ended buying that.  The creepiest thing that happened that day, and really all week, was when we walked up to this house and there were 4 or 5 men sitting outside. There was also a lady who was in a wheelchair and told us that we needed to talk to her mom about the books. So we did and she wasn’t interested, but before we left one of the men told Katie that her voice was sexy…Oh wow, and we’re turning our backs on these guys! Praise God He can take our backs while we move forward for Him!

Another day while I was canvassing with Victoria, we went up to a house and the man which answered the door told us that we ought to talk to his wife. So he got her and she came to the door. When we showed her the cookbook she wasn’t interested, but as I showed her the Great Controversy she said that we really ought to talk to her husband because “he’s the history guy”. She ended up shouting to him and he told her to decide. She said they weren’t really interested and we asked for a drink of water. She said sure and invited us in. Then she pulled out some chairs at the kitchen table (honestly, a canvasser’s nightmare) and asked us to sit down. We told her “thank you, but no thank you 🙂 ” and her husband said that she’d much prefer if we had a seat. Okay…I guess. So we sat there and drank our water as they kept us in constant conversation about EVERYTHING!! “So where are you from?” “Why are you doing this?” “What religion are you?” “Why would you go that far just for summer camp?” “Are you all alone?” “Do you know the area?” “If someone is driving you around, is he outside right now?”   Victoria finally thought we should be leaving and so told him that…His only reply “Who is the current governor of Florida?” Victoria wasn’t so sure and guessed incorrectly which got the man in a whole other conversation about the other man! I then said “we really should be going, we have a lot farther to go…” And then standing up touched Victoria’s shoulder and motioned when she looked at me that she should stand up too.  A couple minutes later of talk about the things they’ve been doing around their house and I repeated the fact that we needed to go and headed for the door. He finally stood up and said he’d let us out. The awesome part was that during that conversation we discovered that the reason they didn’t want the book was because they already had a lot of books…they ended up buying a DVD on Daniel 2!

Also that day with Victoria we talked to a man who told us he’d love to buy a book and help us out, but he didn’t have any money because he didn’t have a job. We told him we understood and then I asked if he’d like us to pray with him before we left. He said we could and so I had a prayer right with him at the door.

To you that may be a silly thing to be excited about, but to me (a girl who hates praying with anyone) it was a huge victory! Mr. Prewitt had encouraged us to pray with people at the door but I had thought that I’d just ignore that. Needless to say, God had other plans! Before I knew it we were on to the next house and I was praising God for His willingness to work with even the most nervous individual who wants to serve Him.

Then for the Grand Finale of stories…

Notice how the log hit the windshield more on the passenger side. The driver still had clear enough vision to drive all the way “home”.

On the way home from canvassing on Friday afternoon we could tell a storm was brewing. I don’t remember why right now, but for some reason we decided that maybe we should pray. Katie had a prayer for us asking God to protect us as we drove home and to also protect the others on the road and the campers at YD.  Just after she finished Mr. Prewitt saw visible rain up ahead and so started counting down to when we’d be in it: 5…4…3…2…1 BOOM!! (And he didn’t make the “boom”!) We all opened our eyes (shut them very fast because we were startled) and we saw that the windshield had been shattered!

This picture was taken sitting still waiting for the ferry to leave…It was STORMY!!

The “visible rain” that Mr. Prewitt was reffering to was not rain, but sticks and one of the large ones had hit the van. Mr. and Mrs. Prewitt and Katie who were in the driver, front passenger, and middle second row seats had glass all over them. Thankfully the windshield didn’t completely fall in, so somehow Mr. Prewitt had the presence of mind to just keep driving-of course he made sure everyone was ok.

We made it to the ferry and the two who were canvassing the ferry got the most surprised look on their faces that I have ever seen. Their mouths dropped open and they just stood still as statutes until we parked and then they came over and were like “what happened?!?!?!?!” Mr. Prewitt called YD and notified them that we were almost back and the van was not in the best condition but no one was hurt except for a very small piece of glass that got into one girl’s chin.

It was kinda funny when we pulled up by the kitchen–it almost seemed we could be celebrities! 😉 Mr. Evert was there to meet us and soon one of the camp nurses, a couple of the office staff and Mr.Ted were there also. I don’t know all who, but there was a crowd by the time we were all out of the van.  As we girls walked back to “girl’s village” we were taking glass slivers out of our shoes and shaking our backpacks, dusting our shirts and jumping to get it off of our skirts. We had an interesting story to tell our friends who weren’t with us in the van!

Praise God absolutely no one got hurt (or even close) on YD’s actual property! This really cool video shows how the Lord moved the storm around YD…


So, have any of you done LE? It’d be fun to hear about your experiences!! 🙂

Until next time,


YD Camp 2012-The 12 hour Drive & Misc. Stuff… :)

On Sabbath, June 14 I was super excited! I suppose you can probably guess why by the title of this post. 😉 Here’s my last FB post before camp:

“I’m leaving for Young Disciple Camp tomorrow!!! I’m leaving for YD camp tomorrow! I’m leaving for YD camp tomorrow! 😉 We’re driving, so taking the 12 1/2 hour drive in two days…Anyway, I’m leaving for YD camp tomorrow!! LOL I’m super excited-getting to go for both weeks this year! Last year I couldn’t sleep the night before I flew up there, this year it will be two nights because tomorrow I’m leaving and when it’s tomorrow I’ll be arriving tomorrow! (Did you follow?) Anyway, I’ll be gone for 2 weeks and when I get back I’ll probably post about the same thing…”I got to go to YD camp!!! I got to go to YD camp!!!…”

Kinda crazy, huh?

The next morning I was a greeter at church and when my Pastor came in he said “So you’re leaving, huh?” I told him “yes, and I’m VERY excited!” To which he replied “I can tell!!!” 🙂 I think my smile grew a bit that morning (and we’re FB friends so he’d read my post…).

Jonathon and I left around 2 that afternoon for our 12 16 hour trip to camp and he drove until 11PM when we finally stopped to sleep. He went to sleep before too long, but I had some difficulty. Finally just after 1AM I woke up to some guys laughing ridiculously in a truck parked next to our car. I noticed that Jonathon was already awake and asked what they were up to. He said he didn’t know and I told him that it might be wise to leave. So we both sat up and the guys in the truck quickly drove off.  We ended up leaving anyway…

Next we stopped at a Wal-Mart around 2:30 and fell asleep there to the sound of carts “pushing themselves” around the parking lot. (Really the wind was just blowing really hard.)  We got up to leave the next morning and discovered that because of the brightness of the security lights we had left the headlights on…and the car’s battery was dead. We had to wait an hour for the Tire&Lube to open so that we could ask them to jumpstart the car for us.

We then got on the highway again and before long our directions told us to exit that highway to get onto another one-follow the signs for Spokane. So we did just that and ended up on a highway with a different number than the one we were supposed to be on. I called home and Mom told me that it probably had two names and if we really followed the signs we should be fine.

Two hours later we couldn’t find the next turn and after a very frustrating time trying to find cell service in the middle of nowhere I got Mom on the phone again. After telling her where we were she looked online and told us that we were most definitely on the wrong road and we should turn around ASAP. Ohhh…Two hours!!!

We drove the next two hours just to get back to a place where I knew we were on the right road. We found our way to the right highway and made it to camp just after registration started.

I had awesome counselors both weeks and had so much fun!

One of my counselors the first week (At Friendship Feast Friday evening)

Mr. Tony at Friendship Feast the first week (I didn’t get pictures of FF the second week. 😦 )

Jonathon and I got to sit across from each other for friendship feast…

Mr. Ted and Tanner having a “conference” after Friendship Feast. (And Caleb hanging around them. 🙂 )












The first week I was challenged to learn how to get places in my Bible very quickly-among many other things-by our campfire speaker, Elder Randy Skeete. The thing which impressed me most is the fact that Elder Skeete knows his Bible! He uses many Bible verses and SOP quotes in his talks and he had nothing except a mic in his hand. He obviously spends a lot of time committing God’s Word to memory.

In First Aid class (taught by Mr. Fischer, one of the camp nurses) I learned how to do some basic first aid in the wilderness. In choir (directed by Mr. Tony) I had a lot of fun singing with other young people (and staff!). In Literature Evangelism (taught by Mr. Prewitt) I had a wonderful time going out into the communities to share God’s love. (I’ll write a whole post about that later.)






My unit getting ready for “creative line call” the second week. 😉

What I looked like for creative line call…We were all backwards: “Backwards all, Word the of Doers, Sir!” (Sir, Doers of the Word, All backwards!-We are usually supposed to report: “Sir, [unit name], [how many present: all present, all accounted for, or however many missing…]”)

After two weeks Mr. Prewitt’s observant ways started to rub off on me. 🙂
This squirrel sat on that branch for about five minutes not budging until I turned my head and it moved it’s tail to the position in this picture. It then continued to sit there until I left (when I went back a couple minutes later it was gone.) There really is quite a lot of interesting things in the woods along the paths at YD!















The second week I honestly don’t remember a whole lot about the campfire talks. (Whatever you do, don’t tell Pastor Reeves!!!)  I do remember that he told a story or two about when he was younger, that he told us he is a pastor-and that some don’t believe that because of his young age, and that he used to be a YD camper.  I also remember that he told us that his brother died about a year ago… 😥

Now, before you think he wasn’t interesting (or I am awful) I’ll let you know that I was extremely tired! I caught a cold that was going around at camp and I also wasn’t sleeping very well most nights. I know, excuses, excuses…

In Joy of Nature (taught by Mrs. Vega) I learned about disecting critters. In choir (still taught by Mr. Tony) I once again had an awesome time singing in a choir (a once a year treat for me!). Choir was an extra special blessing the second week even though I was sick and had a bit of trouble not coughing as I sang. We practiced three different songs: He’s My Very Best Friend, All to Jesus I Surrender, and I Will Go (the second one had a tune written by Mr. Tony and the last song was completely written by Mr. Tony.) Each one was an answer to prayer for me: I’ve been wishing for close friends-He’s My Very BEST Friend, I’ve been struggling with college plans (mine and God’s seem to have started out quite different)-All to Jesus I Surrender, and I’ve been wondering if I should apply to go on YD’s Mission Experience (my Mom thought I should, and I thought it would be an awesome experience considering I’m thinking of spending my whole life overseas somewhere as a missionary)-I Will Go. I don’t know if I’ll be able to go or not-I sent in my application-Mr. Ted said that every year a lot of people are turned down because there’s not enough space, but preference is given to YD campers so I might be able to go… 🙂 Then, in Spanish I learned some basic Spanish words and was also able to act as the teacher’s (also my counselor) assistant because she didn’t have one and I knew a (very small) bit of Spanish already.

In Deep Bible Study the second week Mr. Prewitt (who is the Literature Evangelism director for Ouachita Hills College) mentioned-I don’t remember why-that if anyone was planning to go anywhere except OHC for college they should talk to him. 😉 I asked if they had a nursing course and he told me that I could probably take the first year or two at OHC. I think I just might…

So anyway I had an awesome time! So many awesome things happened at camp I don’t think I could possibly even remember them all.  I am so thankful for a place to come away and reconnect with Christ and have fellowship with other young people with similar goals in life.  If any of my readers are young and longing to live a life that is pleasing to God (and not already from YD) I would strongly suggest you join us next year!! You’ll never regret it!

Until next time (when I get to share some awesome LE experiences)…

Keep Pressing On!


P.S. If you want to know more about YD camp you may visit their website at: www.youngdisciple.com

An exciting new DVD series!

For the last couple years Shepherd’s Call Ministry has been working on producing a DVD seminar entitled “The Distraction Dilemma”…and for the last year and a half I’ve been eagerly awaiting, and praying for, it’s success! 🙂

Here’s a basic outline of the story as I know it…

In November of 2010 I attended the seminar which was first put on and recorded in Grants Pass, Oregon.  Well, I thought it was awesome (it was also the first time I’d seen the Berdahl’s or even heard of Shepherd’s Call) so I found them online, signed up for their free message of the month CDs (more like message of the 6 months LOL), and also found Christian on FB.  If all went as planned the DVDs would be available somewhere near the beginning of 2011…If all goes well…

I’m not sure when and I’m not even sure where, but at some point I heard from Christian that the video footage was not high enough quality or the audio was not lining up with the picture (I’m not too media savvy, I just watch it so I’m not sure which).  Anyway, the footage was not going to work and so the seminar would have to be re-taped.  I think we were all disappointed…I know Christian, his family, and many others were!

Well, the devil might be able to delay God’s work-but he certainly can’t stop it!  In October 2011 (I think-maybe Nov.) the seminar was re-taped in Albuquerque, New Mexico at the Three Angels Seventh-day Adventist church.  And another thing: the Refiner’s fire only purifies us (and apparently seminars)!  Having already presented the seminar Christian was able to get feedback on it and ask what should be added or taken out to make it even better!

The night that the seminar was to start-and be broadcasted via live-stream to as many as would watch-they were having difficulty, upon difficulty, upon difficulty!  The live-stream wasn’t working properly and Christian is the main guy in most of SCM’s media adventures (I believe)–so I was rather amazed at his “cool, calm and collected” attitude when he finally got started at the advertised time!  This time the DVDs would be released near the beginning of 2012…If all went well…

Praise God!   Even though the devil got his way once he didn’t get it twice!! The DVDs are now available on the Shepherd’s Call Ministry website and as far as I can see they are awesome! (I haven’t watched them all yet…)

The seminar is all about music–its impact on our minds, characters, and future. Here are the links to a couple YouTube videos to explain them a bit better (since Christian knows about it better than I do 😉 ): Distraction Dilemma Promo Short, Distraction Dilemma Promo W/Testimonies, and the Distraction Dilemma Preview.

I’m so excited I just HAD to share! 🙂  May God bless and keep you!


P.S. If you’ve read the other posts on my blog you might remember that I wrote in another post that I might later write about “the Autumn in which I learned the answer to many of the “why” questions about music”…This is the seminar that answered those questions. I challenge you to consider buying the DVDs and watch them all the way through even if you don’t have music questions–the topics are interesting and Christian is an energetic and captivating speaker! You’re bound to learn something new! 🙂 And when you do…

…Why not share what you learn with me?  I love to get feedback in the comments!