I’m a country girl. Born in Nevada, raised in Oregon.

DSC_0271I have a philosophy of doing the hardest task first. In that spirit, here’s the answer to one of the hardest questions one could ask: what do I like to do in my free time?

First of all, “free time” isn’t really a concept I’m familiar with. No really, I enjoy reading, horseback riding is my favorite, hanging out with my Mom is the best, hanging out with my siblings is such a joy, friends are sunshine, music is well-nigh my life. Honestly, I mostly spend time looking for ways to make someone smile. That could be considered a hobby, couldn’t it?

I long to be better educated in order to be able to serve better. I am currently a college sophomore studying EMT and Accounting at Chemeketa Community College in Salem, Oregon.

I live with my parents in an apartment in town. I mean, seriously. Walmart is practically in my backyard. I’ve learned  one main lesson in the past 8 months of living in the state capitol, surrounded by some of Oregon’s largest cities: I do not fit into big city life.

I work very part-time as a transcriptionist for online podcast publishers. At home, I’m the family counselor, the babysitter, the tutor, the confidant, the cheerleader, the push-you-to-great-things gal. I despise the word, “can’t.”

For as long as I can remember, my mother has dealt with a mysterious illness (now supposed to be Chronic Lyme’s Disease). This has proved itself the most difficult challenge I have faced in my young life.

How does one trust God when it seems any moment He may take your favorite person away from you? How does one leave to another the care of one so precious? I’m learning that my God is infinitely loving and powerful…my love and care can never compare. When I have to be occupied elsewhere, my dearest mother is left in the most capable of hands.

A friend of mine often refers to God as, “Almighty God.” He is.

That’s me. Just an ordinary princess. (Who much prefers jeans and a t-shirt to ball gowns and tiaras.)

~Samantha Edeliant



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