Diary Update

The following is a diary entry edited for blog purposes.

…and so life gets busy and my poor blog is seldom even thought of.

Since the time of my last post, well….that was regarding 2013. Maybe we’d better just skip to this last year. That’s at least a post in and of itself.

In this last year, I have had the blessed opportunity of both going on Mission Experience for the second time and experiencing the joys and struggles of a first-time counselor at Young Disciple Camp. I have moved back home (from Cashmere, WA) to Salem and continued my education at Chemeketa Community College. I have struggled to fit into city life and rejoiced in the faithfulness of my God.

Some highlights?


On Mission Experience 2015 I met by way of roommate assignments my amazing friend, Leorah. Between all the gals I have met these last few years, I am surely one blessed girl!

Through His amazing grace, God also gave me another promise for my own: When I am weak, then am I strong. O what a beautiful reassurance! What glorious hope!


As a counselor at camp, I was again brought to lean fully upon Jesus Christ for neededCounsellor Retreat 225 strength to go on. Being a counselor is exhausting work! But to those who give much, much will be given…I know by experience!

Through late-night talks with friends encouraged to stubbornly believe. Shown once again that it’s okay to be weak–besides, who really is strong?–because it is at our weakest that Almighty God’s glory shines most brightly.

The move back home has been exhausting for me, or perhaps life is just exhausting. I’ve fallen–and risen again–more times than I care to count. Each time He picks me up, each time He dusts me off, each time He fully forgives. For this I am thankful.

I was super excited this Christmas break to be able to attend GYC pre conference and airplaneconference for the first time. Written in my diary during the flight to Louisville, “Don’t ever try to convince me that miracles don’t happen, that dreams don’t come true, or that God doesn’t listen. I sit here 3600 feet above the earth. It’s beautiful up here, you know.
Layers and layers of clouds below bright shining sun, sparkling droplets gracing the extended wings….the earth below is perfect white, a gorgeous picture of purity…and lyrics ringing in my ears, ‘doesn’t matter what you’ve heard, impossible is not a word…I’ve seen dreams that move the mountains, hope that doesn’t ever end even when the sky is falling.’

And in awestruck wonder I again praise God for the miracles He works, for the love He bestows, and for the never-ending gift of Jesus–God’s beloved Son. Oh that my heart would never cease to sing Thy praises!”

I was deeply challenged–and equally blessed by pre conference canvassing. And conference was a multitude of blessings, of which choir ranks top in my mind.

Today I sit on the couch with lost-and-found kitty sleeping next to me. Midterm knowledge swirls in my head. I should probably go and finish studying…or get some sleep considering it’s now past midnight.


Keep up the good fight, my friends!



2 thoughts on “Diary Update

  1. Aww…. my dear friend! I am so glad we were roommates on ME! You were an amazing roommate! The fun times we have had. I am a very blessed girl to be able to call you one of my dearest friends!!! ♡♡♡

  2. Beautiful, Sis. Such precious memories. I really like the part about how God keeps picking us up and He just “dusts us off” — clean again, ready to go. I remember sometimes you children would be running and fall. You would be a little discouraged as you got up and saw how dusty your little hands and knees… and sometimes face… were. But with a little gentle dusting, an understanding hug and a smile, you were good to go again. That really brought happy tears to my eyes to think of God that way. Praying for you always, Precious Girl.

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