YD Camp 2012-The 12 hour Drive & Misc. Stuff… :)

On Sabbath, June 14 I was super excited! I suppose you can probably guess why by the title of this post. 😉 Here’s my last FB post before camp:

“I’m leaving for Young Disciple Camp tomorrow!!! I’m leaving for YD camp tomorrow! I’m leaving for YD camp tomorrow! 😉 We’re driving, so taking the 12 1/2 hour drive in two days…Anyway, I’m leaving for YD camp tomorrow!! LOL I’m super excited-getting to go for both weeks this year! Last year I couldn’t sleep the night before I flew up there, this year it will be two nights because tomorrow I’m leaving and when it’s tomorrow I’ll be arriving tomorrow! (Did you follow?) Anyway, I’ll be gone for 2 weeks and when I get back I’ll probably post about the same thing…”I got to go to YD camp!!! I got to go to YD camp!!!…”

Kinda crazy, huh?

The next morning I was a greeter at church and when my Pastor came in he said “So you’re leaving, huh?” I told him “yes, and I’m VERY excited!” To which he replied “I can tell!!!” 🙂 I think my smile grew a bit that morning (and we’re FB friends so he’d read my post…).

Jonathon and I left around 2 that afternoon for our 12 16 hour trip to camp and he drove until 11PM when we finally stopped to sleep. He went to sleep before too long, but I had some difficulty. Finally just after 1AM I woke up to some guys laughing ridiculously in a truck parked next to our car. I noticed that Jonathon was already awake and asked what they were up to. He said he didn’t know and I told him that it might be wise to leave. So we both sat up and the guys in the truck quickly drove off.  We ended up leaving anyway…

Next we stopped at a Wal-Mart around 2:30 and fell asleep there to the sound of carts “pushing themselves” around the parking lot. (Really the wind was just blowing really hard.)  We got up to leave the next morning and discovered that because of the brightness of the security lights we had left the headlights on…and the car’s battery was dead. We had to wait an hour for the Tire&Lube to open so that we could ask them to jumpstart the car for us.

We then got on the highway again and before long our directions told us to exit that highway to get onto another one-follow the signs for Spokane. So we did just that and ended up on a highway with a different number than the one we were supposed to be on. I called home and Mom told me that it probably had two names and if we really followed the signs we should be fine.

Two hours later we couldn’t find the next turn and after a very frustrating time trying to find cell service in the middle of nowhere I got Mom on the phone again. After telling her where we were she looked online and told us that we were most definitely on the wrong road and we should turn around ASAP. Ohhh…Two hours!!!

We drove the next two hours just to get back to a place where I knew we were on the right road. We found our way to the right highway and made it to camp just after registration started.

I had awesome counselors both weeks and had so much fun!

One of my counselors the first week (At Friendship Feast Friday evening)

Mr. Tony at Friendship Feast the first week (I didn’t get pictures of FF the second week. 😦 )

Jonathon and I got to sit across from each other for friendship feast…

Mr. Ted and Tanner having a “conference” after Friendship Feast. (And Caleb hanging around them. 🙂 )












The first week I was challenged to learn how to get places in my Bible very quickly-among many other things-by our campfire speaker, Elder Randy Skeete. The thing which impressed me most is the fact that Elder Skeete knows his Bible! He uses many Bible verses and SOP quotes in his talks and he had nothing except a mic in his hand. He obviously spends a lot of time committing God’s Word to memory.

In First Aid class (taught by Mr. Fischer, one of the camp nurses) I learned how to do some basic first aid in the wilderness. In choir (directed by Mr. Tony) I had a lot of fun singing with other young people (and staff!). In Literature Evangelism (taught by Mr. Prewitt) I had a wonderful time going out into the communities to share God’s love. (I’ll write a whole post about that later.)






My unit getting ready for “creative line call” the second week. 😉

What I looked like for creative line call…We were all backwards: “Backwards all, Word the of Doers, Sir!” (Sir, Doers of the Word, All backwards!-We are usually supposed to report: “Sir, [unit name], [how many present: all present, all accounted for, or however many missing…]”)

After two weeks Mr. Prewitt’s observant ways started to rub off on me. 🙂
This squirrel sat on that branch for about five minutes not budging until I turned my head and it moved it’s tail to the position in this picture. It then continued to sit there until I left (when I went back a couple minutes later it was gone.) There really is quite a lot of interesting things in the woods along the paths at YD!















The second week I honestly don’t remember a whole lot about the campfire talks. (Whatever you do, don’t tell Pastor Reeves!!!)  I do remember that he told a story or two about when he was younger, that he told us he is a pastor-and that some don’t believe that because of his young age, and that he used to be a YD camper.  I also remember that he told us that his brother died about a year ago… 😥

Now, before you think he wasn’t interesting (or I am awful) I’ll let you know that I was extremely tired! I caught a cold that was going around at camp and I also wasn’t sleeping very well most nights. I know, excuses, excuses…

In Joy of Nature (taught by Mrs. Vega) I learned about disecting critters. In choir (still taught by Mr. Tony) I once again had an awesome time singing in a choir (a once a year treat for me!). Choir was an extra special blessing the second week even though I was sick and had a bit of trouble not coughing as I sang. We practiced three different songs: He’s My Very Best Friend, All to Jesus I Surrender, and I Will Go (the second one had a tune written by Mr. Tony and the last song was completely written by Mr. Tony.) Each one was an answer to prayer for me: I’ve been wishing for close friends-He’s My Very BEST Friend, I’ve been struggling with college plans (mine and God’s seem to have started out quite different)-All to Jesus I Surrender, and I’ve been wondering if I should apply to go on YD’s Mission Experience (my Mom thought I should, and I thought it would be an awesome experience considering I’m thinking of spending my whole life overseas somewhere as a missionary)-I Will Go. I don’t know if I’ll be able to go or not-I sent in my application-Mr. Ted said that every year a lot of people are turned down because there’s not enough space, but preference is given to YD campers so I might be able to go… 🙂 Then, in Spanish I learned some basic Spanish words and was also able to act as the teacher’s (also my counselor) assistant because she didn’t have one and I knew a (very small) bit of Spanish already.

In Deep Bible Study the second week Mr. Prewitt (who is the Literature Evangelism director for Ouachita Hills College) mentioned-I don’t remember why-that if anyone was planning to go anywhere except OHC for college they should talk to him. 😉 I asked if they had a nursing course and he told me that I could probably take the first year or two at OHC. I think I just might…

So anyway I had an awesome time! So many awesome things happened at camp I don’t think I could possibly even remember them all.  I am so thankful for a place to come away and reconnect with Christ and have fellowship with other young people with similar goals in life.  If any of my readers are young and longing to live a life that is pleasing to God (and not already from YD) I would strongly suggest you join us next year!! You’ll never regret it!

Until next time (when I get to share some awesome LE experiences)…

Keep Pressing On!


P.S. If you want to know more about YD camp you may visit their website at: www.youngdisciple.com


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