What’s Up?

Well, I have to say I’m VERY glad that I said in my last post that I would likely not be posting quite so often anymore!  Somehow life gets super busy and with a computer that has quite the temper (and is challenging me to control my temper) writing blog posts seems to go pretty low on my list of things to do.

So anyway here are a few of the things I’m up to…

Memorizing a canvass for Literature Evangelism class at YD camp next week. I’m SO excited!!! 😉 (Got this just a couple days ago…My brain is about tired of memorization!)

Weed-whacking at the church…and elsewhere. (I took this pic-kinda goofy…)

LOTS of Algebra (this is my Mom’s paper, she was waiting for my computer to load…) 🙂

Mountain biking with Jonathon at Applegate Lake…

Quotes from an old phone book… 🙂

Can’t forget to spend time in the Bible and other inspiring books!

Writing poems at work…My weed-whacker broke down.














So, in case you didn’t catch it Jonathon and I will be leaving this Sabbath (Saturday) headed for YD. Considering it is a 12 1/2 hour drive from here and Jonathon is the only driver going we’re going to sleep about half-way there for a while and then spend part of Sunday morning at the waterfalls we stopped at on the way to WWU.

Also, I would really appreciate if you’d pray for Christian Berdahl. He needs our prayers! (I have permission to share this…) He is having serious trouble with his back (bulging disk, bulging into his spinal cord) and has a speaking engagement this weekend. He is in quite a lot of pain-as you’d imagine!-and is asking that we pray that he’ll still be able to fulfill his commitment in WA this Sabbath.

I want to go home, my friends! This world is quickly becoming very overwhelming to me. For quite a while I lived a very secluded life where I never let anyone in, and now that I’ve decided to live a better life I see that so many people are hurting and it just breaks my heart! I battle with “a lump in my throat” as I write this, thinking about those who are hurting, sick, dying, or recently passed away. (And not only in physical ways…)
Let’s all do our part to hasten Christ’s coming, shall we?


6 thoughts on “What’s Up?

  1. That is so nicely put. I am very proud of you. Keep up the good work. You inspire me to keep going. I too want to go home I really need to study my Bible more. I love you very much.
    love daddy!

  2. I really like the way you put these photos together. They are very nice–“great personality”, you might say. 😉 I pray you and Jon receive a huge blessing at camp!
    ~Mom 🙂

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