College and such…

Well, I’ve been really busy these last couple weeks. I’m sorry for my lack of weekly posts, but it may continue all summer and perhaps into fall a little bit. Maybe I’ll just give you an update when I get a chance on what’s happening around here and when I have some poetry or music to share I’ll do that. Any objections? I don’t hear any… 😉

Coming into this summer I got the idea that it might be kinda busy. I was underestimating! Here’s the last three weekends…

We stopped to see this waterfall on the way to WWU. It was BEAUTIFUL!!

Three weekends ago my parents and I visited Walla Walla University in College Place, Washington. It is a really nice campus and the people there are quite friendly. The drive took us about 9 hours so we drove up on Thursday, went to appointments on Friday, visited a local church on Saturday and drove home on Sunday.

Two weekends ago I went to a Women’s Retreat at MAA (Milo Adventist Academy, in Days Creek, OR) with some ladies from a church we used to attend. I had never been to a women’s retreat before, but I can assure you I’d love to go again! Rise Rafferty was the featured speaker and Tawny Sportsman, Rosalie Hurd (author of Ten Talents), and Donna Griffith did breakout sessions. Rise spoke on a couple different subjects over the weekend-and I enjoyed them all-but I think the one that hit me hardest was the fact that “we will never be good enough”. We might try–and we should–but the reality is that only Christ can be our perfect righteousness. One day we’ll be changed into His likeness, but only because we have allowed Him to cover our sins with his perfection. Tawny shared about efective apologies and how to show people that we really mean it. Be willing to make restitution, don’t make excuses, and take all the blame as did Abigail in the Bible story. Rosalie shared some about diet and the foods God intended for us to eat. And Donna shared about the rapidly increasing natural disasters in our world-the end is near.

Last weekend my family and I went to a Restoration International family camp meeting. We’ve been to the ones in WA and CA before, but were unable to make it that far this year. Then a couple weeks ago a friend called and told us that RI was having a camp in OR! We were excited and had a wonderful time! There were many great messages, but I think the one that Paul Rayne shared on the first night was the one that got my attention the most. He shared about our thoughts and how we must be careful to guard them. He said “You may not be what you think you are-but what you think, you are.” Consider that.
This week most of my family (including me) is recovering from a sickness that was going around at FCM. Praying that we’ll get over it soon…This summer is BUSY!!

Besides all that, my parents and I are seriously reconsidering me going to WWU. We have discovered that Weimar college has values which are a lot closer to our’s and therefore are praying about the possibility of sending me there. We have also had trusted friends tell us that it would be a much wiser decision. At the moment it seems a lot more impossible than WWU, partially because I’m quite young, but I believe that whatever is God’s will He’ll make possible.

And when I get my voice back in all it’s strength I have plans to record a video for my blog. I’m excited about it…so there’s something to look forward to! 🙂

Until next time,


One thought on “College and such…

  1. This time of year always seems to end up so busy and it sounds like your life is no exception! And yes, yes- whatever God’s will, He’ll make possible. Many blessings as you make your choices for next year.

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