Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

My cute little buddy’s hands… 🙂

When I read the subject of this week’s photo challenge my mind immediately went back to a FB note that I wrote nearly a year ago (June, 2011). So, I thought I’d share it with you…(It’s only slightly edited for my blog-I fixed typos and names 😉 )

The Blessing of…Hands! 🙂

“Okay, the day is finally over! (And I’m typing with both hands! *relief sigh*)

I started the day well, getting up, but I was using both of my hands until breakfast.

At breakfast Strawbriella was joking about not using her right hand since I had read her a story about a boy who had to have his dominant hand amputated. I thought “hmmm..good idea” Well, I have to say it wasn’t hard to eat with my left hand–though scooping food out of the pot and not holding my bowl up with the other hand was a slightly different story. 🙂 A harder challenge was the idea that I figured if I didn’t have my right arm I probably wouldn’t be wearing my watch on my non-existent arm. So, I decided to wear my watch on my left arm–ergh! I tried to put it on my left wrist, with my left hand. That was…difficult! I finally used my teeth to help a little bit, my watch is NOT slip-over. The bracelet I was wearing was a little easier to transfer. Mom said I would have to get a slip-over watch if I really lost my right arm…

Breakfast over, I went to brush my teeth. Um, may I say “I can’t!”? It took Strawbriella a little longer than me–so I guess it wasn’t too bad. 🙂

Getting the lid off the toothpaste(screw-top): easy

Putting the lid back on: just as easy

Wetting toothbrush: easy

“Brushing” teeth: well, let’s just say difficult…again 🙂

Since I wasn’t dressed yet(I got up just before breakfast) my sister and I decided that dressing must come next. Okay, find your clothes(the ones that I wanted weren’t in my closet), then get your socks out of your drawer–with your hanging clothes in your hand(remember you are only using your un-dominant hand). I decided to wear my jeans under my skirt today–probably not a good choice considering the zipper is a bit difficult with 2 hands. Don’t forget to brush your hair!

Well, once you are dressed in that way, in my house shoes are always next, we practically live in our shoes! LOL Just a quick question: Have you ever tried to tie your shoes with only your not-dominant hand? It took me a minute to decide how to do it–Strawbriella had given up and used both hands. 🙂 So, I decided that I would use my left hand and right toes to tie my left shoe. The problem? Well, once one shoe is on you can’t use those toes to tie the other shoe. So, I tucked one side of the tie into my shoe to tighten the other side, then vice-versa. My shoes felt a little loose, needless to say. I think I finally had them fairly snug by the end of the day, after they un-tied themselves 5 or 6 times. lol (Even things that we think are purely annoying can be a blessing)

Next, on to the dishes! With one hand, Mom told Strawbriella that drying was probably easier, so I got washing. Uh, when you are washing a big bowl that likes to spin around and around as you try to wash it: What do you do? I just kept fighting with it ’till I finally managed to get it clean. Dishes took about twice as long as usual.

Okay, school. I am reading a college book on Pediatric Nursing so that is what I did first–it sounded(and was) easier than Math, because I have to write for Math.

Then, lunch. I tried to cut the bread–NOT successful! Challenge: spread nut butter on a slice of bread, and jelly on another slice of bread, to make a sandwich. Reminder: Use only your not-dominant hand. I like challenge!

Now, dishes. Again, so we decided we’d trade jobs–Strawbriella would wash, I would dry. There were only a few plates and butter knives and jelly spoons to do…EASY!

Let’s fold laundry now. Okay, I admit, it wasn’t our choice, but still something we needed to do. How do you fold a large T-shirt with one hand? I guess you do your best, and remember how much of a blessing our hands really are!

Okay, now school again! This time Math which I really did not do. I got my notebook out that I use for scratch paper because I figured I’d try my left hand at writing before I wrote in my Math notebook. I did NOT want that in my book!

Then, Jonathon got home from work. Strawbriella and I ran out and told him our “game”. What did he think? You silly girls! hehe I don’t care–I appreciate my right hand more than I ever have before!

I am thankful for my hands because I LOVE to type. I usually get over 60 or 70 GWAM while typing. I enjoy it. I may get a job of it when I grow older.

I am thankful for my hands because I LOVE to play the piano. I’m not very good at it–I play for Kindergarten Sabbath School, and have played once for Junior–but I would NOT play in the church service! I am learning, I love to spend extra time at church for practicing on one of the pianos and I try to practice on Mom’s Casio Keyboard when I get a chance, although I have a difficult time getting over the idea that the keys don’t feel right. 🙂

I am thankful for my hands because I can’t hold babies without them. I can’t play well with Doodle because when I hold him he likes to play…WILD! We are both “daredevils” and we make a really good match even though we are 13 years apart according to age. He loves to stand on my shoulders, and I wouldn’t even try that with only one hand.

I am thankful for my hands because they make it so that I can cook properly, they allow me to fold laundry, tie my shoes, brush my teeth, dress, eat, crochet, sew, play, and so many other things that I don’t want to type all night to mention here.

My sister and I decided we’d finish our “day” at 7PM and now being 8PM I am summing up the days events. With both hands, which are SUCH a HUGE blessing!

Counting blessings,

Samantha F. E. 🙂


Wow, I just noticed there are a LOT of smiley faces in that!!

What do you love to do with your hands?


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