My Words–Poem

Have you ever felt like God couldn’t-or didn’t want to-hear you?  Here’s a poem I wrote that was inspired by such feelings…

My Words

O Jesus, my Saviour, Please, do you care?

O Father, my Friend, Are you really there?

My words just evaporate into thin air!


O Lord, you’ve promised my burden to bear

But just at the time when my load I’d share

My words just vanish into the air!


I’m crying, I’m crying but still I’m not found

These thoughts about You just spin round-n-round

And now my words just bounce on the ground!


I cried Lord for help; but it did not come

O Jesus, please give me Your Spirit just some!

But Lord at this moment my voice has gone dumb!


I give up just now-I’ve lost somehow

My voice will be quiet-My mind shall be silent


O My precious child, you now hear my voice

“Be still” is surely the very best choice

My words were drowned by all of your noise


Now come lay it down, and I’ll pick it up

And come to my table, together we’ll sup

With My Living Water I’ll fill your dry cup!


My Spirit you asked for, just open your heart

And My Holy Spirit of you will be part

On your tablet mind I’ll draw My best art


My child, don’t cry your Father is near

With Me by your side, you’ve nothing to fear

I’m talking to you! Now please, won’t you hear?


Dear Jesus, I’m sorry, I now understand

It’s not on my words but Yours I must stand

Now Saviour please guide me by Your precious hand


O Jesus, my Saviour, I’m sure that you care

O Father, my Friend, I know you are there

Your words won’t go into thin air!

I wrote this poem at midnight (almost exactly-one of those “I can’t sleep with this poem in my head!” nights…), May 20, 2011.  Rest assured God’s words will NEVER fail! And He hears our prayers…and ALWAYS answers, even if it’s not in the way we think He should answer.

Until next time,


Poem copyright 2011 Samantha Edeliant


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