An exciting new DVD series!

For the last couple years Shepherd’s Call Ministry has been working on producing a DVD seminar entitled “The Distraction Dilemma”…and for the last year and a half I’ve been eagerly awaiting, and praying for, it’s success! 🙂

Here’s a basic outline of the story as I know it…

In November of 2010 I attended the seminar which was first put on and recorded in Grants Pass, Oregon.  Well, I thought it was awesome (it was also the first time I’d seen the Berdahl’s or even heard of Shepherd’s Call) so I found them online, signed up for their free message of the month CDs (more like message of the 6 months LOL), and also found Christian on FB.  If all went as planned the DVDs would be available somewhere near the beginning of 2011…If all goes well…

I’m not sure when and I’m not even sure where, but at some point I heard from Christian that the video footage was not high enough quality or the audio was not lining up with the picture (I’m not too media savvy, I just watch it so I’m not sure which).  Anyway, the footage was not going to work and so the seminar would have to be re-taped.  I think we were all disappointed…I know Christian, his family, and many others were!

Well, the devil might be able to delay God’s work-but he certainly can’t stop it!  In October 2011 (I think-maybe Nov.) the seminar was re-taped in Albuquerque, New Mexico at the Three Angels Seventh-day Adventist church.  And another thing: the Refiner’s fire only purifies us (and apparently seminars)!  Having already presented the seminar Christian was able to get feedback on it and ask what should be added or taken out to make it even better!

The night that the seminar was to start-and be broadcasted via live-stream to as many as would watch-they were having difficulty, upon difficulty, upon difficulty!  The live-stream wasn’t working properly and Christian is the main guy in most of SCM’s media adventures (I believe)–so I was rather amazed at his “cool, calm and collected” attitude when he finally got started at the advertised time!  This time the DVDs would be released near the beginning of 2012…If all went well…

Praise God!   Even though the devil got his way once he didn’t get it twice!! The DVDs are now available on the Shepherd’s Call Ministry website and as far as I can see they are awesome! (I haven’t watched them all yet…)

The seminar is all about music–its impact on our minds, characters, and future. Here are the links to a couple YouTube videos to explain them a bit better (since Christian knows about it better than I do 😉 ): Distraction Dilemma Promo Short, Distraction Dilemma Promo W/Testimonies, and the Distraction Dilemma Preview.

I’m so excited I just HAD to share! 🙂  May God bless and keep you!


P.S. If you’ve read the other posts on my blog you might remember that I wrote in another post that I might later write about “the Autumn in which I learned the answer to many of the “why” questions about music”…This is the seminar that answered those questions. I challenge you to consider buying the DVDs and watch them all the way through even if you don’t have music questions–the topics are interesting and Christian is an energetic and captivating speaker! You’re bound to learn something new! 🙂 And when you do…

…Why not share what you learn with me?  I love to get feedback in the comments!


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