Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

My personal favorite (which also seems to be a favorite with my family) of the songs I've written--"Heaven's Majesty"...

I have to say that as soon as I saw the topic of this week’s photo challenge I immediately thought of the struggle of figuring out a nice arrangement for accompaniment music for songs I’ve written.  I finally figured out an arrangement that I like for “Heaven’s Majesty” a song that talks about our wonderful Savior, who was indeed, Heaven’s Majesty!  The music will include violin, piano, and flute…(I don’t have a clue about the flute arrangements-Jonathon plays by ear and all I know is that it sounds very pretty!) 🙂

My next job is to figure out the copyright laws, something I was hoping would never come…Anyway, maybe I’ll be able to share some of my music online soon. That would be awesome! (Or so I say…) 😉


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

  1. I did some research into the copyright laws last spring when I wrote a song that I liked particularly well… If I remember correctly, you automatically have a copyright. You don’t have to apply or anything, just say “© (your name) (the year)”, at the bottom of the page.

    • Hey, Araya! Yes, it is true that you automatically have the copyright, but if anyone were to steal your work and submit it in their name to the copyright office then you would have nothing to stand on if you tried to defend yourself in court. My Mom said that people used to be able to send themselves a self-addressed envelope with the poem or whatever inside and if they could prove by the date on the envelope that they had the poem first then they could “win” in court. But she also said that it doesn’t stand in court anymore-I’m not sure why…I suppose if you wouldn’t want to take it to court anyway then it probably doesn’t matter. Decisions, decisions… 🙂

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