Lesson From My Teddy Bears

Last night my sister and I were hanging out in my room before we went to sleep.  I sleep on the top part of a bunk bed with a desk, some drawers, and a closet underneath (there’s also a trundle bed).  We were up on my bed playing with a couple of teddy bears of mine: Vanessa Rose Hart, and Mr. White (he doesn’t really have a name–we were just calling it that…maybe someday I’ll find a name for him).  ‘Nessa, as we call her, is a soft brown teddy with a big red bow around her neck, a large heart sewed to her “hands”, and she is made to be sitting.  Mr. White is a purely white teddy with a small yellow bow and four straight legs. (He can sit pretty well…)

Well, I had Mr. White and Strawbriella (my sister–check out my “About” page) had ‘Nessa.  We were pretending that the bears were talking to each other.  Mr. White was boasting about how he could straighten his legs without the help of “those humans”, how he could touch the ceiling, how he could cover his eyes to cry, and how he had free hands.  My jealous sister (jealous in favor of “her” teddy) stated how Vanessa could jump and touch the ceiling and how she had a pretty heart nose. She seemed quite upset with the fact that she had the “handicapped” teddy and showed signs of wanting to trade, so I made my bear wish it could have a nice heart like ‘Nessa’s.  She replied that we could “trade outfits” which we did and she soon became slightly jealous of the bear she’d just given up!

I wonder why.  You see, it’s really all about your outlook on life!  Soon Mr. White wished it had the bigger bow, the pretty heart, the ability to sit on it’s own, and the cute heart paws–‘Nessa even figured out how to cover her eyes! 🙂

While this might be a silly game to play–and it certainly doesn’t sound much like a typical activity for a teen–I learned a lesson that I can use in my life.  If I look at the things I can’t do instead of the things I can, I won’t ever be satisfied.  I wish I could find the perfect words for a surprise song (I’ll write about that once the one to be surprised knows about it… 😉 ), I wish I could easily make up beautiful arrangements for piano, violin, guitar, or flute accompaniment to my songs.  I wish I could figure out the answers to the overwhelming questions about college and my future.  But when I focus on all this my eyes become blind to the facts of what I can do…I’m finally catching on in Algebra, I have written a couple songs that I’m really happy with, and I am thankful that I can play the instruments that I do (even if my brother has to help me with the arrangements…).  And I can also do a lot of simple things that we often overlook like: seeing, hearing, typing, reading, tasting, feeling, thinking intelligently, cooking, sewing, singing, talking, and playing!

So from now on I am going to try to look at the things I am instead of the things I am not! 🙂

Just wondering…
Am I the only teen out there who admits to playing with Teddy bears?


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