Faith and Fire

It’s almost 10 o’clock in the evening. I’m sitting here on the couch while my little brother watches the movie, “Facing the Giants” nearby. The story line follows fictional football coach, Grant Taylor, who has coached the Shiloh Eagles for 6 seasons with minimal success. He and his wife are unable to have children and he nearly loses his job. Dreams lie in shattered pieces about them.

As the movie progresses, Grant and his wife seek a deeper experience of trust in God….an experience which paves the path for revival throughout the entire academy where Grant coaches, a winning football season, and a miracle conception. The message? We serve a God of miracles. We do.

In my last post I mentioned a far-from-comprehensive list of the miracles God has performed in my personal life. (EMT class is going great, by the way.) Still, as I sit here tonight, I struggle again with disbelief.

20160407_165444You see, tonight my mother is in the ER. She’s been there for over five hours and I still haven’t heard anything. I’m scared. Just like when I was younger, I’m scared.

My stomach twists, my appetite completely a thing of the past.

I’m almost finished with my EMT class, but I still can’t do anything. I’m helpless sitting here with the little siblings wondering if she’s going to be okay…and wondering how we’ll ever go on if this time she’s not.

Is it another odd scare? She’ll be just fine as soon as she rests a few days? Or is it serious this time? Is she going to come home?  Are they going to give her a short time to live? Are they going to give her a clean bill of health? Can they make her pain go away and spare her life?

I don’t know.

That’s the excruciatingly hard truth. I don’t know.

So I continue to sit here. I stand still and trust an unknown future to a known God. It sounds easier as a cliche, but it is SO hard in reality.

Almighty God, tonight I give my mother again to you. I love her more than seems possible, but I know somehow you love her so much more. Carry her, hold her, comfort her, strengthen her. When I am weak, You are strong…I trust Your strength to be enough.



It was back in 2011 when I first thought I had learned to trust God. After all, He miraculously provided for me to go to summer camp (which, by the way, I only started planning to go to one week before the camp began). How could I ever doubt a God like that?

But two years later I was questioning His ability to provide for me to make a missionary trip to the Philippines (which, again, I was late in committing to). After that, I thought I had really learned to trust God. After all, He miraculously provided for me to go on an overseas mission trip. How could I ever doubt a God like that?

Oddly enough, two years later I was questioning His ability to properly care for my beloved mother as I again traveled overseas. This step felt like the most trust I could ever put in a Being. For as long as I can remember she’s been my reason for living, my highest love, my inspiration. It was a struggle, but I finally surrendered to God and have since had peace even in the midst of the storm that is my mother’s health. After that, I thought I had *really* learned to trust God. After all, He miraculously provides life to each one of us every day. How could I ever doubt a God like that?

And then my life started getting really confusing.


                                I call this “my cherry tree.” It’s a beautiful spot to get away from the bustle of the city to think and pray.

My plans were getting shaken out from
under me and I was so distraught. The main question of the moment was whether or not to stay in school (complicated situation, but that was my “movement” point).

The situation had started to have a major effect on my belief in my heretofore life motto, which basically states: “Impossible is just a word for people who are focused on ‘Im’ going to do this. If I don’t rely on myself (I’m), everything is simply possible.” I started using and fully believing the word, “can’t,” which, you might recall, I despise.

In a state of not caring much about even life itself, I sought advice from a godly mentor/friend of mine and decided to press forward toward my degree.

So much seemed easier after that. I was no longer confused and was better able to focus on what needed to be done for my schooling. Because of my friend, I had again seen the importance of my schooling and again I had a plan–this time one that would accommodate the constantly changing environment that I live in. I was staying in school. No matter what. That was that.

12901147_1079964748713353_4886936956258320070_oToday I learned that I am unable to complete required TB testing before the due date. In my class, that is grounds for immediate failure of the course. Again, I’m back to questioning whether or not I’ll be finishing this quarter.

Can I trust God with this? Is this problem different or harder in such a way that Almighty God can’t figure it out? No way.

And so I think back on how He’s been faithful to me in the past. I’ve attended that summer camp for 4 years; I’ve participated in foreign missions twice; I have peace to this day regarding my mother’s health; and someday I’ll tell the story of how He’s been faithful to me regarding EMT.

Friend, no matter what your current circumstances, no matter what matter weighs heavy on your mind, we serve a God who is not defined by what “I’m” capable of. We serve a God who only sees possibilities, who ever lives and loves to give you the best unimaginable gifts. I’m trusting Him. Join me?


P.S. This was written last night. This morning I got an email that my instructor will be able to accommodate the situation and extend the due date for my testing!

Diary Update

The following is a diary entry edited for blog purposes.

…and so life gets busy and my poor blog is seldom even thought of.

Since the time of my last post, well….that was regarding 2013. Maybe we’d better just skip to this last year. That’s at least a post in and of itself.

In this last year, I have had the blessed opportunity of both going on Mission Experience for the second time and experiencing the joys and struggles of a first-time counselor at Young Disciple Camp. I have moved back home (from Cashmere, WA) to Salem and continued my education at Chemeketa Community College. I have struggled to fit into city life and rejoiced in the faithfulness of my God.

Some highlights?


On Mission Experience 2015 I met by way of roommate assignments my amazing friend, Leorah. Between all the gals I have met these last few years, I am surely one blessed girl!

Through His amazing grace, God also gave me another promise for my own: When I am weak, then am I strong. O what a beautiful reassurance! What glorious hope!


As a counselor at camp, I was again brought to lean fully upon Jesus Christ for neededCounsellor Retreat 225 strength to go on. Being a counselor is exhausting work! But to those who give much, much will be given…I know by experience!

Through late-night talks with friends encouraged to stubbornly believe. Shown once again that it’s okay to be weak–besides, who really is strong?–because it is at our weakest that Almighty God’s glory shines most brightly.

The move back home has been exhausting for me, or perhaps life is just exhausting. I’ve fallen–and risen again–more times than I care to count. Each time He picks me up, each time He dusts me off, each time He fully forgives. For this I am thankful.

I was super excited this Christmas break to be able to attend GYC pre conference and airplaneconference for the first time. Written in my diary during the flight to Louisville, “Don’t ever try to convince me that miracles don’t happen, that dreams don’t come true, or that God doesn’t listen. I sit here 3600 feet above the earth. It’s beautiful up here, you know.
Layers and layers of clouds below bright shining sun, sparkling droplets gracing the extended wings….the earth below is perfect white, a gorgeous picture of purity…and lyrics ringing in my ears, ‘doesn’t matter what you’ve heard, impossible is not a word…I’ve seen dreams that move the mountains, hope that doesn’t ever end even when the sky is falling.’

And in awestruck wonder I again praise God for the miracles He works, for the love He bestows, and for the never-ending gift of Jesus–God’s beloved Son. Oh that my heart would never cease to sing Thy praises!”

I was deeply challenged–and equally blessed by pre conference canvassing. And conference was a multitude of blessings, of which choir ranks top in my mind.

Today I sit on the couch with lost-and-found kitty sleeping next to me. Midterm knowledge swirls in my head. I should probably go and finish studying…or get some sleep considering it’s now past midnight.


Keep up the good fight, my friends!


Mission Experience–Retreat

“Come ye yourselves apart…and rest awhile.” Mark 6:31

Once the meetings were completed, our team went on a retreat for a few days to the island of Modessa. (Formerly known as Coco Loco.) It was such a blessing to have some time to just relax and remember all the amazing ways in which God had blessed us over the past few weeks.

I don’t really know what I could say about our retreat that would interest the average person (I could say a whole lot of things that would interest anyone who was there!), but I shall share a few of the pictures that I took…In hopes that they will be more interesting than words. 🙂

Right outside my cabin....

Right outside my cabin….

My "someone else is in the shower and I have nothing else to do" project. :)

My “someone else is in the shower and I have nothing else to do” project. 🙂

So, so beautiful!

So, so beautiful!

A terrifying crab. lol (Not my hand, by the way.)

A terrifying crab. lol (Not my hand, by the way.)

Researching the species of fish spotted while swimming/snorkeling/diving. I went snorkeling once, but decided against repeat attempts. (After filling my lungs with water out over the absolutely gorgeous coral.)

Researching the species of fish spotted while swimming/snorkeling/diving. I went snorkeling once, but decided against repeat attempts. (After filling my lungs with water out over the absolutely gorgeous coral.)

Perfect place for an afternoon nap. ;)

Perfect place for an afternoon nap. 😉

Just about time for breakfast....

Just about time for breakfast….

Most of us did a lot of swimming (myself not included).

Most of us did a lot of swimming (myself not included).













































So that’s a brief pictorial version of a couple days of R&R. 🙂 God blessed us in so many ways during our time in the Philippines. The largest way, for me, being my experience with complete reliance–and perfect resting–upon God. Remember when I wrote about visitations? I couldn’t stop marveling at how God used me to do something I frankly wasn’t even willing to do. But I did it because I had to and God blessed. He gave me a desire to grow…a desire to share. And for that I am eternally grateful!


As we left Modessa there was quite a lot of wishing going on. Wishing that it didn’t have to end. Wishing that we could hang out and evangelize with each other for ever and ever…But we had a few more hours for memory making….


Headed off to the mall...

Headed off to the mall…

The ONE (and I mean singular one) serious moment of our meal in the Taipei airport. Ellie and I were laughing hysterically over our failed attempts at eating with chopsticks. LOL ;)

The ONE (and I mean singular one) serious moment of our meal in the Taipei airport. Ellie and I were laughing hysterically over our failed attempts at eating with chopsticks. LOL 😉

Who knew toy stores could entertain a group of people 15+? That store, with all it's fascinating legos, was SO MUCH FUN!!!

Who knew toy stores could entertain a group of people 15+?

It looked like so much fun, but the sign said that we were too old. :( lol

It looked like so much fun, but the sign said that we were too old. 😦 lol

The sad goodbyes as the rest of our west coast group flew on to Seattle. I waited another couple hours and then caught my flight home.

The sad goodbyes as the rest of our west coast group flew on to Seattle. I waited another couple hours and then caught my flight home.























All too soon it was all over and I had to leave the group in Los Angeles, CA airport on my flight to Medford, OR. It was a super sad goodbye, only slightly helped by the fact that one day we shall all meet again…If not here on earth, then in the courts above.

May we all remain faithful!


Mission Experience–Meetings

So…Once again it’s been a long time, but I will attempt to finish the two remaining ME posts tonight–so that the series will finally be completed. 🙂

We spent about half of our time in the Philippines conducting an evangelistic series for the people there…

Brookes Point evening Child Evangelism meetings.

Brookes Point evening Child Evangelism meetings.

Each evening, my team and I would walk to the local school and set up. I am honestly starting to forget some of the details and I may get some of them wrong, but I’ll do my best to share a few stories that I still remember clearly.

There were a couple nights that our Brooke’s Point CE leader was feeling ill and therefore was not able to come to the meeting. She had two main jobs: time-keeping and leading craft time. She also did all sorts of other random things to keep the meeting running smoothly, but those are the main categories that I can think of.

Cheyenne (our CE leader) had asked me to be the time-keeper in her absence. Basically that meant that I was to carry her phone and text Mr. Ted (the Public Evangelism time-keeper, etc. in Brooke’s Point), coordinate ending times with him, and make sure my teammates knew when it was their turn to do something up front. Simple right? Especially since Cheyenne’s phone was just an old Nokia? One like I used to play with…

But no. It was not simple. lol It’s amazing what a bit of stress can do to a person’s mind! For the first part, I couldn’t figure out why the phone was typing whole words instead of single letters, therefore I couldn’t reply to the simple text: “Who has the phone?”. Simple enough answer: “Samantha”, but I couldn’t–for anything–figure out how to type it!

In my frustration I zeroed my eyes in on the phone, focusing wholly on it. I typed and deleted. I desperately tried to figure out what was going on. But to no avail. I noticed the children around me started calling to me and I didn’t even glance. I simply concentrated harder and continued trying to figure that phone out on my own.

Finally giving up, I turned to the children and asked what they wanted. Their response? Simply to point in the direction to my left, where stood–patiently waiting against the wall….Mr. Ted.

I couldn’t believe myself.

I had just spent what seemed like an eternity, trying to figure something out when the answer was beside me. I pointlessly focused on my problem when I could have paid attention to the solution.

Now, in my defense, I had no way of knowing that Mr. Ted would come over to check on us. Therefore I had no way of knowing that help was right beside me (although I certainly could’ve responded to the children much sooner…).

But, once again, it taught me a lesson.

Sometimes, when life overwhelms me, I stare at my problem desperately trying to solve it. I stare so long and hard, I concentrate so fully that I can not realize that Jesus is patiently waiting to give me the simple answer. But when I do look up, He always patiently calls to me and shows me His way. He explains the problem and reminds me that He is the Solution. He never looks down on me for my ridiculous striving; but kindly, gently reminds me that there is a better Way.

There were often nights when the rain was pouring down hard as we met. There were nights where slightly creepy men followed us (specifically the girls) around. There were nights when the power went out–and thankfully came back on shortly thereafter. I spent many nights freaking out because there was one girl who specifically enjoyed taunting me with dreadful cockroaches! I was near tears by the time we returned to the lodge one night (which, if you know me, is very unusual)…It was just so freaky! I hated the spiders and the cockroaches, but the local people didn’t seem to mind them–and some even held them!!!!! ICK!!!

I believe there were over 125 baptisms on Sabbath afternoon! Praise God!!!

I believe there were over 125 baptisms on Sabbath afternoon! Praise God!!!

In the end, any sacrifice (or frightful creature) was worth it. We had a baptism on the last Sabbath that we were in the area. The joy on the faces of those gathered was unspeakable.

Oh that we all had that same joy, every day of our lives!


Pressing Heavenward,

Mission Experience–Training

The very next day, after we arrived in Brooke’s Point, we began a week of training in preparation for two weeks of evangelistic meetings. I am amazed as I look back and see how God was working in my life, personally, and also through our team in the lives of the local people.

I mentioned in my post: Mission Experience—The Pre-Trip Stories, that I was very afraid of going on a mission trip. I was afraid of travelling and being so far from home, but most of all I was afraid to get out of my comfort zone and speak. I am typically a very shy person and just to introduce myself to someone who first introduced themselves to me is beyond my comfort zone! I knew when I applied to go on the trip that I would either be in the Public Evangelism (PE) team or the Child Evangelism (CE) team. Both teams included both public speaking and—as I would soon find out—our whole team would be given lots of opportunities to personally invite people to attend the meetings.

The parts of our day which were actually considered classes were first Group Training and then Child Evangelism for me and the rest of the CE team and Public Evangelism for that team. In Group Training we learned some basic things about speaking effectively and properly along with some Filipino culture. In CE, we learned about how to speak enthusiastically so as to keep the interest of the children, practiced reading our scripts of the stories for the different evenings we were assigned to and did a lot of preparation of craft supplies and such. But, while these classes did fill most of our days, we also had some time to do other things…Things that scared me terribly, but also gave me an opportunity to see God truly working drastic changes in me.

Each afternoon we had personal time and quiet time. During personal time we could practice instruments, for those who brought them; we could take care of laundry; we could just relax, chat or whatever else. I usually spent that time either sleeping or cutting crafts out for CE.

One day, Mr. Ted told us that he was going to take all the girls to the market if we wanted to go. It was not very far away and we walked there during personal time and wandered around for quite a while. I had a nice time just looking at everything.

A picture Mr. Ted took for me while we were walking Sabbath afternoon...We called him the "camera tree" because he was holding most of our cameras to take a group picture for us. :)

A picture Mr. Ted took for me while we were walking Sabbath afternoon…We called him the “camera tree” because he was holding most of our cameras to take a group picture for us. 🙂

As it was nearly time to go, Mr. Ted told us all that none of us could leave until everyone had invited at least one person to the meetings. I foolishly tried to get away without inviting anyone, but Mr. Ted had apparently already noticed a few days earlier (on a Sabbath afternoon walk with most of our team) that I was not one to just go up to people and start talking—I had not invited anyone Sabbath afternoon until Mrs. Evert told me to walk with her and she started the talking…Not to mention the fact that I made a terrible mess of that invitation. So…Mr. Ted asked me directly if I had invited anyone.

I shook my head “no” and he said that I absolutely had to. Ugh…I was so nervous! Seeing that I was practically frozen to the ground in 100 degree weather, he looked around for someone to invite and then said “Come on, Samantha” and headed toward her. He introduced himself to her, told her a bit about our group and then introduced me and said “Maybe you’d like to tell her about the meetings we’ll be having.” I think I managed to make a bit more sense of that invitation than the one with Mrs. Evert, but still…Mr. Ted had to fill in a lot of details (such as what time) just because my mind was so jumbled I couldn’t even think.

Also on Sabbath afternoon: a few people from our team got to go to a local AY (Adventist Youth) program while the rest of us stayed back at the lodge. I was very relieved to not have been chosen to go to AY! For those who don’t know: AY is pretty much a Sabbath afternoon get together for local SDA youth to sing, share testimonies and just hang out with a spiritual focus. Little did I know, shortly after we got back to the lodge from church, it was announced that those of us there were going to have our own AY program!

Long story short, I was one of those selected to share a promotional: a short testimony, thought about a Bible verse, or a mission story. Once again, my mind froze. A few friends and I were each supposed to choose one of the above options and come up with something to share with the group within about 5 or 10 minutes.

I couldn’t think for anything—even once it was suggested to me that I share how I ended up on Mission Experience. And I still couldn’t think even when Mr. Ted practically told me my own story. Finally he mentioned a quote which his father, Mr. Evert, had shared with me while I was fundraising and that struck a chord in my memory. I quickly scribbled down a few thoughts and then our time was up.

As we were walking back to the meeting area to share our promotionals, I said: “I’m going to have a heart attack!” To which Mr. Ted replied: “That’s ok, I know CPR…” I think that comment served its purpose and I relaxed a little bit…I was still majorly nervous but I didn’t have a heart attack… 😉

As I kept having these experiences where I was terrified and couldn’t even think, I learned how to wholly rely on God. I can assure you: my brain surely didn’t do me much good! But God is faithful! I know this post is getting long, but I just want to share one more story…These actually happened during the weeks of the meetings, but they go along with this subject.

A couple days after the meetings started it was my turn to go visiting in the local community. There were some of the local church members who came to walk around with us and we usually had at least one other from the ME team with us, as well.

I was quite nervous that first time I went out. I had not been away from the lodge, yet, without Mr. Ted and this was a new experience. As we were walking, one of the local girls, Jessa, told me that I was going to be the one doing the talking at the next house. My first thought was “NO WAY!” But she insisted, as did the others.

I opened my Bible to find a verse that I could share at the next house and, as I flipped through, I came upon Isaiah 41:10: “Fear thou not, for I am with thee, be not dismayed for I am thy God. I will strengthen thee, yea, I will help thee, yea I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.” Jessa asked to see which verse I had chosen and so I handed her my Bible.

She read it through and then said: “That’s your verse!” I was confused as to the reason she said that and so she repeated: “That’s your verse, Samantha…Fear thou not!” Wow. Here God was giving me the exact promise that I needed for that moment and I had applied it in my mind to far-off circumstances.

I wonder how often we do that to God. How often do we take the promises that He shows us and say “Yeah, when such and such happens 20 years from now, I will remember that promise and it will give me the strength I need to go on.”? And then we go on saying that God has abandoned us in our current situation, when really we’re just storing up His blessings instead of using them…And God is there saying: “No! This is for here! This is for now! Claim it, count on it, use it! Twenty years from now, I’ll give it to you again!”

By the end of Mission Experience I was almost completely comfortable walking up to random people on the street and inviting them to the meetings—all details included. It was on the last day of visitations that I wasn’t nervous at all as I was talking to someone I’d never met. I was practically jumping up and down! Hallelujah!

Whatever God is calling you to do, don’t refuse because you are fearful or unsure. His grace is sufficient and it is in our weakness that He can supply us with His divine strength because then we realize our total need.

And I pray that as we read God’s promises, that we will apply them to our lives now. That we will see His grace in the simplest situations, that we will accept His love for today—no matter how small or unimportant this specific trial may seem.

Blessings, my friends, as you endeavor to climb out of your comfort zones for God!


Until next time, (When I get to share some more amazing stories—this time about our two-week series…)



Mission Experience–Journey to Brooke’s Point

So last time I shared a post entitled: Mission Experience–The Pre-Trip Stories. I shared about how I ended up applying to be a Mission Experience participant and how I struggled to trust in God through the fundraising experience. I vaguely mentioned that  God had provided in amazing ways and left it at that. Well, as I was washing dishes after writing that post, I was thinking about those “amazing ways” and decided to just share one short story with you.

I had received an email from YD that pretty much said that I needed to promptly apply for my Philippine visa…They had finally gotten our flight schedule worked out and we didn’t have a whole lot of time to spare. The only problem for me was that I didn’t have any money to spare. (Read: I didn’t have any money at all!) We were asked, if at all possible, to have our visas applied for by Friday.

That Sabbath I went to church still wondering how I was going to pay the $30 fee. I had learned that it did me absolutely no good to worry about it and that God would take care of it, but I still wondered “how?”. As always, God had an answer.

A friend came up to me just before the church service started and handed me a check–for $30. I was so excited! Isn’t God awesome?!


So now I get to tell you about our exciting journey to Brooke’s Point, Palawan! 🙂


Believe it or not, I got up on Sunday morning about 15 minutes before the time when I was supposed to leave for the airport…that was when my Mom finally decided that if she didn’t get me up–I’d be likely to miss my flight. :/ I jumped out of bed, dressed, made my bed, grabbed a bite (quite literally) to eat, threw my things in the car, and left the house headed for the airport.

We were running late (for obvious reasons), but as we were driving down the road I realized that I’d forgotten my water bottle at home. Thankfully that was the only thing I’d forgotten and we were able to quickly stop by a store and grab a new one.

At the Medford, OR airport, my Mom dropped me off and headed home. I was there alone with only my luggage as company. 🙂 Mom hadn’t been able to park anywhere that she could go in with me and so I was left to figure out how to check in. Kinda funny…as I think about it now I realize that somehow shyness doesn’t matter when you’re in a “great, big” airport and you have no idea what you’re doing!

I didn’t even consider trying to figure that place out on my own! 😉 I wasn’t sure how to check in so I asked a fellow passenger, who thankfully knew more than I did, and managed to get to my gate with time to spare. While waiting I was reading some worthless stories and God prompted my heart “Is this really what you want to share with those you meet during this trip?” The answer was “no” and so I turned my phone off and grabbed a book by Mrs. White to read.

I had been told to meet up with Helen, another ME participant, in Seattle, WA and then go and meet the rest of the team at the Alaska Airlines check-in counter. I safely arrived in Seattle and waited for about an hour before I decided I’d better just go find Mr. Ted–I still hadn’t seen Helen. So I walked all over the place trying to find the Alaska Airlines check-in, and I even had airport security starting to watch me closely. I finally asked someone and was told that I just needed to go up “those stairs”.

I went up the stairs and saw…nothing. Turning around, I saw that there was another set of stairs that I assumed I should climb. Once upstairs I saw about 5, yes FIVE, Alaska Airlines check-in counters!!! Oh, which one do I choose?!?

Those shirts were sure helpful when trying to keep track of each other!

Those shirts were sure helpful when trying to keep track of each other!

Soon I spotted some other people with red ME polos on and ran over to them. It was so good to not be alone anymore! We chatted for a while before we saw Mr. Ted and the other people who drove with him to the airport carrying things into the airport. Now I totally didn’t have to know anything…Mr. Ted already did! 🙂

We spread out the supplies, that needed to be brought, among all those traveling. We each had one YD box or bag and one personal bag to check in. Mr. Ted was able to contact Helen and soon she joined the rest of us. I’m pretty sure we flew from Seattle to San Francisco, CA, to Taipei, Thailand, to Manilla, Philippines, and then to Puerto Princesa, Philippines.

We had a lot of fun together, although I have to say: the trip home was even more fun! But you’ll just have to wait to find out why. 😉

All throughout the trip I was very nervous. You see, I’d only flown once before and had never been outside the United States. Security and customs were the most intimidating part, besides the constant fear that somehow I’d get lost or Mr. Ted would get separated from us. But through the experience I learned an important lesson.

Most of us know that in order to really live a victorious Christian life we must constantly keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, right? Now how do we make that practical? We can’t really see Him…

For just a moment let’s use my airport experience as a parable. I represent a Christian, striving to become more and more like Jesus. Mr. Ted represents Jesus.

Here’s how it’s practical…

To put it simply, I was nearly constantly thinking of Mr. Ted during the whole entire trip. Where was he? Would he be likely staying put? Or heading somewhere else? If he was going somewhere else, where would that be? What was he doing? Was there any way I could get closer to him? (Within reason, of course….) Will this activity I’m doing put me in a position where I might lose sight of him?

Do you get the point?

Friends, if we are to stay close to Jesus we must fill our every waking (and even sleeping) thoughts with Him! I didn’t exactly ask myself those questions, but I was constantly answering them. If our group was doing different things, and I had the choice, no matter which looked like more fun–I chose what he was doing. No matter how entertaining or fun the things of this world seem…We must choose to follow wherever Jesus leads. I would only go somewhere if I was absolutely sure that Mr. Ted would both approve and be there when I returned.

You see, I had no idea what I was doing in those airports that make MFR look tiny. But Mr. Ted knew exactly what he was doing (most of the time) because he had traveled through them before. Hasn’t Christ traveled this path of life before us? I assure you, He does know the way!

When we arrived at Sunset Lodge we were greeted by this awesome sign. :)

When we arrived at Sunset Lodge we were greeted by this awesome sign. 🙂


In Puerto, we met up with Mr. and Mrs. Evert and a few people who had flown from the East Coast and arrived in Puerto a day or two before the West Coast group. We stayed the night in Puerto, had breakfast at the mission there and left in a Jeepney for Brooke’s Point the next day.

Sunset Lodge, in Brooke’s Point, would be our home for the next month…which is a story for another day…

Until next time,